Week 1 AFL Quarterback Play

images4 QB’s who shined on Opening Day of the AFL 2013 and 3 others to keep an eye on

1. Bernard Morris (Jacksonville Sharks) The Marshall University product played at an extremely high level against Tampa Bay. Morris is equipped with one of the quickest releases in the league and it was on display Saturday. #14 has great feet as well and continually was able to setup quickly in the pocket and make strike after srike down the the field. The fact that he boasts possibly the strongest arm in the league only seemed to help. Played mistake free football against the Storm and threw for 7 TD’s and ran for 1.

2. Dan Raudabaugh (Philly Soul) The Texas native makes some of the sickest throws you will see in the AFL. Saturday was no exception. Carried Philly all night. Is probably the best overall thrower from a release, motion and inventory of throws standpoint, Is the most naturally looking QB in the AFL and has great anticipation skills to boot.

3. Erik Meyer (Spokane Shock) The former record setting QB from Eastern Washington had a statement performance on Sunday. Meyer was a big reason Spokane came out on top in Cleveland. He showed a great blend of touch, accuracy and top level anticipation throughout the game. He is a breed of QB that seems to get better with time and is a great fit for the indoor game

4. Nick Davila (Arizona Rattlers) The crafty lefty who had a rough road at Univeristy of Cincinnati, has made a nice career in the AFL. This guy was looking really good against Philly. Boasts one of the quickest if not the quickest release in all of AFL. Was throwing to spots on the field Saturday and consistently showed great touch.

Potential Controversy in Orlando …

Kyle Rowley (Orlando) I know it is only one game, but Orlando has some work to do, and it starts with QB Kyle Rowley. An AFL veteran who has played at an elite level at times over the years, really struggled and looked poor often against New Orleans. Still made some good anticipatory throws on Sunday, however his arm looks shot and struggled to see over the line on short and intermediate routes at times. It boggles my mind that Orlando gave Chris Leak the boot in favor of Rowley. Head Scratching move. It would not surpise me to see Chris Dixon get the call at some point here.

Keep an eye on

JJ Raterink (Iowa) Another veteran who has one of the weaker physical skill sets of any AFL QB, however… this is a very smart Quarterback who played well in Iowa’s win over Chicago on Saturday. Another type of QB who makes very good decisions with the football and is very adept at throwing to spots before WR’s make their cuts. Looked sharp against Chicago.

Adrian McPherson (Tampa Bay) The Former Florida State QB is a legitimate dual threat QB in the AFL. He is more Dangerous running the football at this point because as a passer, Adrian is still raw in the pocket and at knowing where and when to take shots downfield, which for an Indoor QB where Offenses see heavy doses of forms of Man Coverage week in and week out..those are throws you need to make in this league. Has some issues throwing the ball that may limit his ceiling as a QB but he is one of the most electric QB’s in the AFL.


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