now breaks down your football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, hockey, and volleyball games for you! now breaks down your football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, hockey, and volleyball games for you! For a number of years has been breaking down game video on a select group of football leagues and teams. This includes leagues like the Canadian Football League, Arenafootball League, Indoor Football League, Canadian Junior Football League, and a handful of various highschool conferences across the US and Canada.

What this means is that when the game video is uploaded, our workers edit the video and add game data…indexing all of the plays so coaches and players can easily search and watch any situation over any number of games. This saves coaches huge amounts of time from having to manually search through video and allows them to easily see trends and tendencies over as many games as they want…in minutes. For example, a coach can pull up all pass plays in the redzone for all of his opponents previous games. So its like googling for plays…you can search for anything on google and find results, VidSwap does the same thing for game video.

There are programs out there that allow you to edit the video yourself, but this is what makes VidSwap unique…we do most of the editing for you. Coaches can then still edit more in-depth on top of what we’ve done for them, providing a flexible, powerful tool for any level.

We are now releasing this feature to all sports like football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, and volleyball. Individual teams can signup and have their games broken down as well as entire conferences and leagues. Our multisport services for lacrosse and spring soccer will be available starting this spring, and then football and fall soccer.

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