How to make a wireless remote controlled HD camera for football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and any other sport

MPT1100-SS_pic_1In this post I’m going to present all of the parts you need to make a wireless remote controlled HD camera for any sporting event like a football sideline or endzone view, basketball, soccer, hockey, or any other sport you might want to use this for. This means you could place an HD camera in one location and sit any distance away from the camera…like a press box, the stands, the sideline, etc and control the camera completely form a wireless RC controller. You may be thinking why would you need this, here are a few reasons:

1) you may need the filmer to be in a location other then where the camera actually is mounted in the stadium or arena…like being able to man multiple cameras at once or communicate and coordinate shots easily with another filmer, or maybe the filmer physically can’t sit with the camera

2) comfort and convenience

3) it’s freakin cool as hell and no one will have a rig like this

Here’s what you need:

1) Pan and tilt robotic head

2) RC transmitter and receiver

3) LANC RC cable or IR RC cable (this depends on your camera because not all have LANC)

4) Long range wireless AV transmitter and receiver

5) 7″ monitor

Now I have left some finer details out because I haven’t actually made this rig yet, but I will soon. When I do I’ll update this with pics and more details on power, batteries, mounting, cables, etc. This will roughly cost $1000-1500, depending on a few variables so it’s very affordable and pretty straightforward.


  1. Well have you been able to do this yet. I have been told all the interference from cell phones and radio head sets could make this difficult. I do like the idea of the rf transmitter to control the pan tilt and zoom. The video will be the big deal interference will cut down on the picture clarity. But to me that is not a big thing if you are looking for alignments but with subs and package recognition from players numbers coming in and out could be an issue. Let me know when you do this I am very interested.

    1. Yes, I did it…but during games I believe there was to much interference, either from all of the people and devices in the stadiums or the electronic advertising boards teams are putting in the endzones. It worked great during practice when no one was in the stadium, but games were a crap shoot.

      You’d be better off using the same PTZ head on this post with the wired controller that comes with it.

  2. The Sony 2014, 2015 and 2016 camcorder models now have a Multiport connection for the remote. On these models, you can only use the Sony RM-VPR1, VCT-VPR1 or VCT-VPR100 remote controllers. The problem is the cable Sony provides is very short, around 3 feet long. This is not ideal for End Zone cameras.

    However, a company called Studio 1 Productions is making long extension cables for these remotes, up to 27 ft. long. Which work great for End Zone camera systems. Here is the link for anyone who needs or wants to run the newer Sony camcorders:

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