How to upgrade your endzone camera system to an HD video camcorder and monitor for filming a football tight shot

This post closely resembles my post about upgrading the skyhawk endzone camera system, but I get a lot of questions on HD cameras so I wanted to explain how to upgrade your current endzone camera system, whatever it is, to a great HD camcorder and monitor.

Many of the endzone camera systems now come with cameras, either SD or HD. They are usually the cheapest cameras they can fit into the price of their systems so the price looks good, and worst of all they are always Sony cameras. If you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll pick up that I always recommend Canon’s when it comes to consumer and prosumer camcorders. You can see my camera recommendations post here.

Because I have a lot of experience with various endzone rigs, I have converted all of them to HD systems, with Canon cameras. As always, here at we support and strongly encourage HD video for everything you do and it looks great online in our software.

Here are the parts you’ll need, which can all be found on and B&H Photo:

1) 7″ LCD monitor, $183.21

2) Monitor mounting clamp, $22.99

3) 50′ HDMI Cable, $34.95

4) HDMI coupler, $14.38

5) 50′ LANC cable, $34.14

6) 4″ zip ties

7) 1/4″ quick link

8) 3/8″ spring link

9) electrical tape

With 6,7,8,9 you’ll want to bundle all of your 50′ cables together using a combination of electric tape and 4″ zip ties. Make sure you have all the male ends on one end, and the female ends on the other end. On the male ends that plug into the top of the pole and camera, you’ll attach the quick link to the cable bundle with zip ties, then tape over them…give yourself a good foot or two for where you attach the link. The spring link then clips near the top of the pole either to an existing loop or you may need to add one with another quick link. This keeps unwanted pressure off the camera so it can move freely without the cables restricting it. The HDMI coupler is used to connect the 50′ HDMI cable to the 1′ HDMI cable connected to the camera.










You’ll need to use an AVCHD camera with a LANC connection. I recommend Canon’s and they have a great line that records directly to 720p MP4 files, making upload and playback really easy. These are much better then the bundled Sony cameras because they will shoot better video, especially under adverse conditions like low light, and create MP4’s you can use immediately.

18) Canon Vixia HF M500, $549

19) Canon BP-727 battery, $108.87

20) Lens hood, $9.80

21) Canon LANC adapter, $84.95

22) 16 GB SD card, $14.24 is a web-based video editing and analysis application for sports organizations, specializing in game exchange, video sharing, and game analysis. We serve HS, amateur, college, youth, and pro teams.

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