Live HD capture to MP4 for professional or tape cameras

(Note: high end cameras are now starting to ship with MP4 filming modes, so these kinds of devices may be  irrelevant for some cameras, Canon released pro level cameras that can record to 2 different formats at the same time)

In this post I’m going to cover how to live capture HD video to MP4 from professional or tape cameras when filming football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, and any other sport which can be uploaded to The difficult thing about using HD cameras is that they can produce HUGE video that creates a lot of overhead when you want to do anything with it in post. This is most evident with professional level cameras like Panasonic P2 and somewhat less with HDV cameras. These formats are recorded with bitrates ranging from 25 – 100 mbps…so imagine a 60 minute game ranging from 10 GB to 43 GB! The solution is utilizing h.264 MP4 video that looks amazing, is small enough to share/upload/stream/download, and can be played back on any computer or device without 3 rd party software. Here is the device you need to accomplish this live during filming, rather then having to spend hours converting after…

Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder

Here’s how this works:

1) the camera plugs into the device via any output (HDMI, SDI/HD SDI, component, composite, S video)

2) the device plugs into a PC or Mac vis usb

3) on your PC or Mac, you’ll use software provided by Blackmagic that allows you to configure the MP4 settings and control capture

4) lastly you can configure the software settings so it records to any size MP4’s you want and where they will be saved…we like the youtube 720p, 3500 kbps setting

So, you’ll have someone filming and someone on the computer controlling the live capture feed. As the camera is filming, the picture gets live encoded on the device. This offloads all of the intensive encoding work so it can be super fast or live as the action is happening. The MP4 files then get saved on your computer to the folder you designated.

Now you have beautiful HD MP4 files directly after the game that can be shared, uploaded, and watched so much easier. This is really helpful for users who use these professional grade cameras and need to upload video in a timely manner.

Were also keeping our eyes on these proxy recorders, but they are a bit more expensive and you can’t freely set the MP4 specs.

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