The equipment you need to shoot great HD sports video

Shooting great sports video is a combination of having a great filmer and some key equipment. I’m going to cover all of the key pieces you need to shoot great HD quality video, plus a few extras. For how important video is to us coaches, we need to think about having more then just a good camera. This includes the following…

1) A good tripod, not one of those cheap, crappy plastic ones that makes your video look like you were filming in the back of a moving truck. This is the most overlooked piece of video equipment that can make the biggest difference in great quality video. You need a tripod that makes filming easy, with smooth pan & tilt movements by what is called a fluid drag head. Here are a couple of affordable recommendations that are well worth the money:

Tripod 1

Tripod 1 with LANC 

Tripod 2

Tripod 2 with LANC

2) Zoom remote, if your camera supports connecting a LANC zoom controller…do it. The less you touch the actual camera, the better because this can cause the camera to move or jiggle. This seems to be a fading feature of consumer camcorders as more are adopting wifi remote controlling with iOS devices. Here are a couple of great LANC options, if you didn’t get one of the tripods with a LANC above:

Acebil RMC 1DV

Acebil RMC P3Pl

Sony RM-VD1

3) Lens hood, this depends on your camera model. These are important for blocking out any stray light that causes glare or lens flaring. Every camera lists the size near the lens and they usually range from 30 – 70 mm. Here is a list of good lens hood’s from Amazon:

Mennon Lens Hood’s

4) 7″ LCD monitor, this is kind of a bonus but I must say it really helps your filmer see what he’s filming, compared to the tiny screen on most camcorders. The other half to shooting great video is the actual filming techinque and you can’t expect this to be good if your filmer can’t see very well. Here is a great HD monitor with HDMI, component, composite, and BNC connections:

Lilliput 7″ LCD

Note: this monitor comes with a universal shoe mount for on top of the camcorder, but if your camcorder doesn’t have a universal shoe connector, you’ll need a way to mount the monitor to your tripod…

Articulating Arm

5) Power, Lastly you’ll always need to consider powering your devices. The self contained batteries don’t always last an entire game. Bring a power strip and large extension cord so you can plug into an outlet. This way you can plug the camera and monitor into the power strip and their batteries can be used as backup.


Check out my posts about protecting your equipment from rain here or travel and storage here. is a web-based video editing and analysis application for sports organizations, specializing in game exchange, video sharing, and game analysis. We serve HS, amateur, college, youth, and pro teams.

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